What you Need to Know about Pokémon Go

It is almost twenty years from the time that the original Pokémon blue and red games were out. The good thing for those who like playing online games is that the Pokémon Company now has one of the most revolutionary games.

The game is known as Pokémon Go which is a free app that is available on android and iOS device. This game has the ability to turn the streets located in your city into your own Pokémon universe.

The objective is similar in that you have to catch them all. However, instead of having to sit down on your game, you are supposed to move out and perform thorough exploration of your neighborhood to hatch eggs, capture gyms and Pokémon.

After you have customized the trainer, you get faced with a difficult decision of the Pokémon Go hacks starter to select. You are supposed to way out the advantages and disadvantages of Bulbasaur, squirtle and charmander. Then you are shown on how you can catch Pokémon in the universe and flick the ball at them up to when they are tired.

As you continue exploring the dynamic landscape, you will encounter wide range of Pokémon depending on where you are located. Grass Pokémon is located in areas with grass water Pokémon is located near oceans, rivers and lakes.

Pokémon Go

You will be able to find out the varieties that are nearby and you will be shown how near you have reached with assistance of step icons. This means that you will have the opportunity to hunt the Pokémon that you need.

When you catch several of similar breed, you will be able to accumulate the specific candy that is required to evolve your Pokémon and cash in doubles to get several of the candy. Just like most other original games, you will be able to hatch your Pokémon eggs by moving a specific distance, but for this you are supposed to walk that specific distance.

Review Hay Day

Hay Day Review

Hay Day is an interesting and fun-filled online game for the modern day gamers. It is a completely free game which any player can play. Hay day has many things which can relate you to actual farming experiences. Go through this Hay Day review to know everything you need to know about this amazing game. Or you can use this Hay Day hack right away if you can’t wait.

Hay Day

Description of Hay Day

Though, Hay Day is a free game, some items in the game cost real money. But it is up to the gamers whether they want to purchase those items or not.

Farming Utopia

Hay Day is a perfect farming game. You will come across a number of funny and quirky looking characters having both two and four legs while playing the game. While some are human characters, a number of animal characters are also there.

Things To Do on Hay Day

  • The player can customize and grow your farm.
  • With the help of a farm stand, truck and steamboat you can fulfill orders.
  • You can welcome visitors to your far.
  • Being the player, you can also build a town for yourself which will be owned by you.
  • There are endless possibilities and experiences on the field.
  • The most important of all is that you can trade crops with neighbors and friends. Even fresh goods from the farm can be traded.

Controls of The Game

Hay Day consists of simple and smooth controls which make the playing very easy. It is also a very enjoyable and intuitive game. This is one of the top games in over 37 countries. This shows that this game is highly popular and loved by the game enthusiast’s world over.

What are the Latest Updates and Customer Reviews of the Game?

Latest Updates

The new Hay Day game has a lot of updates. There are additional bug fixes too.

  • A winter theme, decorations which are exclusively for Hay Day and a lot of upcoming events.
  • A duck salon and a welcome duck for the area meant for fishing.
  • New products of feather.
  • Rewards for mid-level players.
  • You can also see upcoming content by taping on the XP- level icon star for the next level.
  • The fishing area has been expanded with 2 fishing spots. Also there are 3 new fish.
  • An additional neighborhood boat has been created.

Players Reviews About Hay Day

Players have reported this game to be a visually pleasing game especially for the lovers of stimulation games. It makes the players feel like a real farmer. Some lovers of this unique game has said that this stimulating game make them talking about their achievements in the game throughout the day. As per the satisfied player reviews this game is not so addictive and it is best suited for people interested in farming and other agricultural activities in real life.

Hopefully, this review has given you all the details of this successful android and online game. Hay Day is available on the Android app store for free. If you are interested to play this amazing game, take some time out and download it and enjoy the experience of farming. It can’t get even more realistic than this!

Review Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Review

Online games are becoming more and more popular with every passing day. With the rapid development in the field of technology many new games have come up. One such game is the Clash of Clans which is becoming popular amongst the people worldwide. This is the latest sensation in the gaming world that is becoming the hot favorite of the digital gamers.

Clash of Clans

What is Clash of Clans?

CoC is a MMO strategy video game that was developed by a company known as Supercell, which is based in Poland. The game was published in the year of 2012 and in the beginning it was only available for the Apple iPhones. Later several versions of the game are launched that are compatible with the Android phones.

The game has a rating of 4.5 stars and is liked by most of the people all over the world. The game is all about planning and executing so that you can save your base from the enemies. It is about the tactics that can help you to win the game. Hack Clash of Clans met behulp van Clash-of-Clans-Hack.nl. The Clash of Clans resources are also there so that you can purchase and upgrade the assets in the game. Using Clash of Clans cheats will help you to aquire Clash of Clans gems.

Clash of Clans hack sur CoCAstuces.fr is a combat strategy game that can help you to build your own village and train your troops against your enemies. You can build an army of barbarians, wizards, dragons etc and strategically plan yourself to save your village from being attacked. Once you are ready you can fight with millions of players who are online. You can also forge a clan that is powerful and effectively crush all the enemy clans in Clash of Clans.

Features of the Game

There are several unique features of this game that make it highly popular among the online game lovers. Some of the vital features of the game are that it is free to play and you can build your own fortress. Also you can continue your battle with the other players’ and even take their trophies. If you are seeking for ways to test your abilities and skills than this is the perfect game for you.

Clash of Clans Resources

Gold Resources: The Clash of Clans edelstenen generator resources consist of gold, elixir, gems and dark elixir. All the four resources have their own buildings that can be used to store the resources and then generate it as per your requirement. The gold resources are used to upgrade the defensive buildings, elixir storages, elixir collectors and walls.

Elixir Resources: Elixir is used to purchase and upgrade the troops, dark elixir storages, dark elixir buildings, gold mines, gold storages etc. You can collect gems through the method of in-app purchase that you can use inside Clash of Clans. Also you can collect the gems when you complete an achievement in the game.

The Clash of Clans game is a great one as it always sets the competitive fast pace mode and also involves a lot of brain to win the game. The game is becoming popular each day for its amazing features, availability of clash and clan resources, brilliant graphics and the tremendous amount of fun one has while playing the game.

Review Boom Beach

Boom Beach is a free online game where you need to fight against the blackguards who keep on attacking the local islanders. This is the best type of defense strategy game that is available on the iOS and the Android devices and is developed by Supercell. The game was launched in Canada in the year 2013 and was released in 26th March 2014.

Boom Beach

Plot and Features of Boom Beach

Boom Beach is a strategy game which is a good combination of attacks on other players and also against the bases which are computer based. The game is actually based on a tropical archipelago where the player is on an island along with defenses and troops so that he can fight to conquer the bases.

As a player in this game you can build your base, upgrade your defenses, buildings and also upgrade to new troops when the new levels are unlocked. The game has both single player and multiplayer modes where you can train troops and conquer them to win trophies and other resources. The battles usually take place in an enslaved beautiful island where you need to earn as much of resources as you can.

Buildings of Boom Beach

This is an essential part of the Boom Beach cheats game where there are several types of buildings that you need to conquer in the game. The headquarters is the nerve of the base and you need to upgrade the headquarters if you want to unlock the new bases. The resource building is there to produce and store the resources that you collect in the game.

You can get the support in all the activities from the support building of the game. Troops are also an important part of the game where you can see several kinds of troops called grenadier, heavy, medico who all serve different purposes in the game. You will get to earn more of gold, stone, wood as resources if you can wisely play the game with the help of the troops.

Strategies to Play the Game

Different types of strategies are absolutely required when you are trying to earn more of the resources in the game. The defensive building strategies are required to choose the type of layout you want and where shall you place the defensive buildings in the game. You also need to know about the offensive strategies in the game for managing the troops and battle against the opponent teams.

Important Tricks

If you follow some tricks in the Boom Beach game then you can surely earn more of the resources and also conquer the unexplored lands very soon. You must remember to use trees as lumber, build the maximum number of residences and attack the bases very fast if you want to earn more resources and win the game. Some other tips that can be helpful in this regard are as follows:

Upgrade Your Saw Mills

You need to upgrade your saw mills in this game as these are the sources of wood. Wood is very important to build any type of structures so when you are a little up the level concentrate on building and upgrading the saw mills for more of wood.

Plan and Scout the Areas Before You Attack

This is the most important trick you need to know if you are aiming to win this game. You need to scout the areas and do a lot of researches before you send your troops to that place. This will help your valuable troops from being killed and you will know what kind of troops to send beforehand when you have scouted the areas.

Boom Beach is the best game that gamers love to play if they are seeking for some action and fun at the same time. The easy user interface and exciting adventures at every stage of the game captivate the gamers and they simply love the experience of fighting with enemies in some unexplored islands.